He then crouched down a bit as he walked past you, and when he did he smacked your butt, it was soft but yet it still echoed, before standing back up all the way with a chuckle, walking faster after you gave a small yelp and placed your hand on your butt. "Thanks but I have to go." You gasped once Lev picked you up with his arms around your stomach. "You look like shit." "Good morning to you too, Tetsurou." Without another word, he invites himself in and sits on the couch with the expression too serious for your liking. She put up a face and even wished her best friend and ex-boyfriend all the best!Claiming to already be in a relationship, Gabrielle walked up to a stranger and kissed him outright! "At lest they're pumped up." You took a step back with a narrowed eyes. "Kill it!" Ur so good at it!! sorry to keep you waiting so long, i really hope you like this!! There are some one shots in here as well. Get best storytellers. You gave a nod and followed him out of your room, you rubbed a little underneath your butt with blushing cheeks and a smirk.Team Aobajosai Oikawa You groaned once you finished setting up the net with Yachi, after that you had to get the volleyball carts lined up for the team's to practice with. He gets mad and slaps you. "I love you too." "Ah." There are some one shots in here as well. He gave you a smile and handed you a towel, you took it and gave a nod before he clears his throat. When He Protects You When He Gets Jealous When The Two Of You Watch Ghost Adventures Together (In editing) You glanced over to see a young guy about your age coming over to you with a Team Aobajosai fan jacket on. Bokuto stopped talking once he followed behind Akaashi in the gym. Enraged by their betrayal, Gabrielle crashed into their engagement party and drank to her hearts desire. Love you." She originally thought that it would be impossible for the both of them to be together. My book including your favorite haikyuu bois as your boyfriends with scenarios and imagines. - "whoa you look hot". All others before me will be forgotten. "Ahhh!" Haikyuu!! He kissed your hand as the two of you walked down the stairs of the stands. "Apologize for not being mine." What's wrong beautiful?" - But hates when you also get attention. Unless I'm sleeping." You blushed and turned around, only too Hinata staring at you along with the other. You pecked Yamaguchi's cheek as he gave you a smile and a nod, you then hugged him before going to help Ukai grab bags off of the bus with Kiyoko. Kuroo gave a smirk as he walked with Tsukishima back to the van with his hands in his pockets and his eyes shut. "Do you say that when I call you?" You blushed as Kenma grabbed your hand and pulled you away, the guy gave a 'Tch' before jogging off. You're pretty." After the team circle you hugged Hinata and gave him a peck on the cheek, wishing him good luck before he works out then practices, while you were going to help Yachi fill water bottles. You gave flustered cheeks as he stood next to you with hands behind his back staring up at the ceiling. I love you." Frustration rolled out from his aura before it changed into anger. "Tsukishima You gave an eye roll at Hinata, the two of you were waiting for Tsukishima at the park, as he tossed up a volleyball. - And he hates when the team compliments you too. You just smiled with a laugh as you shook your head, walking with Yachi, who stared at the ground, looking more embarrassed than you. Hello anime fans! "I don't even know." "What did he say to you?" #sugawara "You okay?" #daichi "Well you are a pretty girl I must say." What are you going to do Noya? And we'll make it less painful." I'm the only one standing in the way for him. "Just come with me." maybe, but none of you will ever complain about it, he hears you giggling behind the pages of your book, taking his glasses off, he wipes the lenses with his shirt, with the hint of a smile on his face, he picks up his book as well, coffee dates are pretty common for you two, talking about your days with a hot drink in hand, or reading together a book you choose for each other, when you began to read in the presence of the other, you both quickly noticed there was nothing awkward about that silence, just a moment of peace filled with stolen glances and slow breaths, when you give him a book, its usually full of underlined quotes that made you think about him, so during the date you would frequently cast a glance to see if he has already read the highlighted paragraph, then feeling his hand grabbing yours across the table to interlace your fingers together, he whispers an ouch, just to dramatically stumble and fall into your arms, thats because im sure theyre alive and conscious, im just saying the dresser wasnt there this morning, so the only conclusion is it moved on its own, you roll your eyes, fed up of his dumb theories, oh no, all the objects are turning against you, and before he can even reply, you throw it at him, opting for a kiss to make him shut up, you stand on your tiptoes leaving a peck on his lips, his hands find your hips, pulling you closer, dont worry, ill protect you whenever theyll attack, you arent really the type to show PDA and neither is your boyfriend, in public you would give him a peck on the cheek and he would have an arm around your shoulders at best, at the beginning of your relationship you were both awkward while hugging or holding hands, but you got comfortable behind closed doors pretty soon, he loves resting his head on your lap talking about his day, while you caress his cheek, and you never get tired of feeling his fingers playing with your hair and his soft lips crowning your forehead with kisses, face to face cuddles are his favourite thing in the world, having you pressed against his chest, makes him feel like he can protect you, and when you are the little spoon he would be lingering your spine with kisses and then hiding his face in the crook of your neck, he also loves back hugs, receiving or giving them, you usually nuzzle your nose against his back, before lacing your arms around his chest, while sometimes you would randomly feel his chin resting on your head or shoulder and then two big arms wrapped around your waist, during study dates you caught him so many times staring at you with a lovesick expression instead of doing his assignment, but occasionally you just couldnt wait till the two of you were alone to feel his soft touch on your skin, like the time you were out with him and the team to celebrate together after a match, he noticed your voice becoming more and more like a whisper and your eyes fluttering closed from time to time, when youre tired you become more clingy and he thinks that its the cutest thing ever, nothing too crazy, but surely uncommon for you, like gently resting your head against his shoulder while he was talking with his teammates or holding his hand under the table, with your thumb rubbing over his knuckles, when it was time to get back home you walked slower than usual, clinging on to his arm, mainly for support but also because it was nice having him so close, while he struggled to find the key in his pocket, you rested your head against his back, the only thing keeping you upwards, once he opened the door he turned around, just to see you slowly falling, thankfully he was quick enough to catch you and hold you in his arms, his plan was to throw you onto the bed and tuck you in but you were whining about the fact you had to wash your face and change first, so he made you sit down on the toilet, carefully cleansing your face and then applying moisturizer, let me sleep here, its quite comfortable, you pouted, laying your head on the countertop, you peered up at him with a smile, doing grabby hands at him, he scooped you up, softly laughing in your ear, laying you down, he pulled the covers up to your chin to keep you warm, already hearing soft snores leaving your lips, he snuggled up to you, with his head atop of yours and his arms around you, he soon fell asleep as well, he hung the mistletoe above the gyms front door, thinking it was the perfect opportunity to steal a kiss from kiyoko, plus he thought it could be fun to make things awkward between his teammates, but unfortunately for him, she was busy that day, so she sent you to give the boys their new jackets, standing on the doorstep, you look inside the empty gym, when you hear kageyamas voice, you nearly drop the box in your arms, he comes closer to see inside the box, looking for his own jacket, thanks, you didnt have to come all this way, he takes the box from you, putting it on the benches inside, no problem at all! Where's my apology?" "Been a while huh, I just came by to. He has only failed once. Just! "I got it!" "Hey there Button." "Seems not huh?" "Look at me, you'll be mine! Tanaka "I'll see you in the gym." Hello there!! "Hey there!" You sighed and looked back at Akiteru. What happens when the mysterious stranger now comes to claim her? You blushed and gave him flustered cheeks with parted lips after the sound of the pop after Inuoka gave you a playful smack on the butt, he then walked away and looked back at you with a calm smile and you gave one back. He sat on his knees then pulled you into a hug before getting up and ruffling your hair then grabbed your hand. He doted on her, loved her and cared for her every day!After that, he said in an affectionate voice, Mrs. "Awe, it's okay." He stared at you as you smiled and gave you a kiss on the cheek before going to the court to practice against Karasuno before his actual match. "Whatever." "Y-yes, it was. You smiled then locked arms with his and kissed his cheek, he then turned his head and pecked your lips as you giggled. Terushima smirked seeing you walk down the hall, he was going to call your name but instead just followed behind the two of you, listening to y'all conversation. Characters include (currently): Hinata, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Kuroo, Kenma, Akaashi, and Atsumu :] Updates are very slow! I'd like to hear any feedback or suggestions you guys might have! He gave shrugged shoulders, which made you sigh and look around your room. "No, but I was just wondering if you needed some help." "Only out of love. Or dating him?" Told ya Noya!" "Ooh! Oikawa came into the gym quietly, for once, with Iwaizumi. Through some arrangement, she was married to a man with a crippled leg who wielded boundless influence. When He Slaps Your Butt 54.5K 588 by zombielover8469 Team Karasuno Hinata You smiled as you talked with Yachi as the two of you stood next to the volleyball cart, putting in the volleyballs that weren't being used. <33, pairings: bokuto x reader, kuroo x reader, oikawa x reader, request: id love to request bokuto, kuroo and oikawas reactions to finding their s/o just staring at their insecurities in the mirror, a/n: first of allim dumb! [Boyfriend Scenarios] They're the leader of their respective volleyball teams but that doesn't mean they don't have time anything else. (Hoped you enjoyed this XD some don't make sense but XD More to come soon! "Ooh. UkaiYou and Ukai sat on the couch at your house, you just gotten off of work and Ukai didn't have to coach but he did have to run the store today. I will just tell you one thing. You turned around to see a guy smirking at you as he had his hands in his pockets. no longer active, but thank you for the support <3, . "Love you too. "Have I done anything to despise you?" He chuckled and helped you set up the bet, then smiled and stared at you until you noticed and gave him a confused look. let me see how it looks, he comes near you, noticing youre avoiding his gaze, shrugging, you sit on your bed away from him, sure, you could have just go and stayed with your clothes on the entire time but that would have been even more awkward, he sits beside you, lazily tracing circles on you knee, looking the other way, you grab a pillow to cover your tummy, i dont want anybody to see my stretch marks, he easily picks you up, putting you on his legs to give you a desperate hug, with his arms wrapped tightly around you, he buries his face in the crook of your neck, he gently rocks you, leaving a kiss on your jaw, do i have to explain to you that those are totally normal and its just the skin stretching and disrupting the production of collagen, again?, you playfully roll your eyes, not in the mood for a lecture, he slowly lifts up your shirt to kiss your belly, theyre nothing you should be worried about, you wanted to try this new hairstyle you saw on instagram, but now looking at yourself in the mirror, you realize this way the acne scars on your forehead are too visible, your boyfriend comes in the bathroom to admire your work, but you quickly remove all the hairpins to fix your bangs, smiling, he cups your face to leave a peck on your lips, and for a reason. "Tch. Daichi smiled and gave you a nod as he stood outside of the gym with you, you just gave a smile as he handed you your bag. Some Haikyuu head-cannons, one-shots, and scenarios! but above all, i want to say i chose these insecurities beacuse theyre common and not to say theyre flaws or features someone should be worried about, at all!! You're here!" "Um it was a lucky guess that made me pass." "Yeah! "What was that about?" I didn't mean to bump into like that." You smiled with a giggle as you stepped inside the gym that held the spring tournament. his siblings and an entire volleyball team?? "Oh." That day, I will be the one who will have the last laugh, he vowed.Lets see, Alpha. "Hey there." You didn't have to come." "This is going to be fun." "Inouka "Yeah!" He smirked then placed a hand on the wall and leaned over you. Updating status. But it was time now to produce an heir. You shook your head and walked past him but when you did. "Oikawa! He gave a chuckle and waited for you to give him a full hug before he hugged you back. I was wondering if you could do kuroo, bokuto, and atsumu trying to get the reader to smile, bcs they dont really show much emotion?? Kyoutani gave a nod then glanced over to see you backing a away from a guy with a small smile as he smiled back at you. ive waited here for more than an hour!, on the verge of tears, you feel tired and frustrated, youre not mad at him because hes late or anything, you just miss your boyfriend, of course hes a busy person, but you wish that he could find a little more time for you, suddenly he cups your face, uncertain if you would have pushed him away, with a lovesick expression, he presses his lips to yours, forgetting all your insecurities, you can only focus on how soft he feels against your mouth, you feel so far lately and i know its my fault, but im just asking you to wait for me, he mumbles in your ear, tightening the hug, taking your hand in his, the two of you start strolling down the street, how can you not know what you want to eat?, because im down for everything, why dont you decide?, its your turn to pick and you never agree with me anyway, he has to bite his tongue, while a fake laugh escapes his lips, i was planning to have it with my family tomorrow, stopping in the middle of the crowded street, he suddenly appears in front of you, tired and hungry, he leans down with a stern look, his tone is harsh and annoyed, which makes you frown, we dont have to eat together if you dont want to, you know?, realizing how severe his gaze is on you, he immediately calms down, he holds your face, bringing you closer and softly kiss you, staring at his lips, you gently pinch his cheek, he pulls you in, claiming your mouth again, how about we go back home and cook something instead?, with the music blasting loudly from the car speakers, you were singing at the top of your lungs, your boyfriend looked at you with a soft smile, before bringing his attention back to the road, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel along with the music, he couldnt have wished for anything better, when he stopped at a red light, you took the opportunity to grab his hand and leave a quick peck on his knuckles, an embarrassed expression spread all over his face, as he cleared his throat, scrolling through your gallery, you spent the night watching some videos you took of oikawa and his nephew takeru, your favourite was the one where your boyfriend taught him how to serve, placing his little hands and feet in the right position, oikawa held the ball to show him where to hit it, every time takeru did a good serve, oikawa ruffled his hair praising him, all fun and games till they started bickering about who was the best volleyball player, with his tongue stuck out, oikawas face contorted into a grimace, while his nephew just looked at him with a stoic expression and his arms crossed, out of nowhere, oikawa pulled takeru over his shoulders, saying that he had to admit that his uncle was the best or he would have dropped him, poor takeru was clinging to oikawas head for dear life, since your childhood youve been criticized and talked down every time you opened your mouth, which made you understand that maybe it was better keeping your thoughts just for yourself, but everything changed when you met kuroo, someone who always listens to you without judgment, he loves spending time with you, watching you open up to him a little more every day, whenever he teased you a little or cracked a joke, you never actually laughed, so he started to write down notes on random pieces of paper and then sliding them in your pockets when you werent paying attention, youve never mentioned them, but he was happy with just the thought of you chuckling at his words even if far from his eyes, when one day, spotting you alone at a lunch table, he saw you smiling at your book, dazzled by such a view, he didnt immediately saw you waving at him, he cautiously walked up to you, afraid to make your smile disappear, getting closer he noticed that it was the exact book in which he slid between the pages a dumb joke that same morning, and you showed him all the old train tickets and receipts he gave you, held together by a paperclip, going through them, you read out loud your favourite ones with a smile getting bigger and bigger at each word, with a lovesick gaze fixed on you, he couldnt do anything other than smile as well, being raised to be respectful and collected, you were immediately branded as the quiet kid, your parents always told you to speak only when you were asked to and to guard your emotions for your own protection, so no, you never told bokuto that you like him, but little did you know he fell for you as well, fascinated by how your kindness could brighten up his day immediately, when he entered the classroom, a burning sensation started to grow inside your chest, that day was particularly cold and it was snowing from the night before, he was covered in snow, his face buried in a big scarf, and when he lifted it up, you saw his cheeks and the tip of his nose being so red, shaking his head, he let the snow on his hat fall all around him, with his teeth chattering, he started to rub his hands together, hopping on the spot, he looked so small in that puffy jacket of his, meeting your gaze, his eyes sparkled so brightly, drawn by your giggle, he quickly came to you, a shiver ran down your spine, when he suddenly grabbed your hands in his freezing ones, you nodded, while your lips were still curled up in the sweetest smile ever, and he really thought he wouldnt have seen anything prettier than the snow that day, in your previous relationship your partner always told you that your laugh was annoying, so you ended up to just stop smiling at all, did atsumu make his mission to get you to smile? "She's taken." - he really hopes he's not making you uncomfortable he's just so happy - He treats you respectfully and won't touch unless you give him the go ahead - He could hug you for hours, Tanaka - Hand on waist 24/7 - all day while your wearing it - He loves how smooth the fabric is please forgive him - "I'm sorry babes but it's so soft and I love you"- Wants you to wear it more often - He worships you ngl, Asahi- "H-hey you look cute"- Wholesome - He just thinks it's cute on you - Like he's so pumped you look cute today - "Where did you get it?" Speaking of Barbatos, he quietly clicks his teeth in rhythmic patterns. Boyfriend Scenarios!! "Hey you two." I do think you're cute." The guy gave narrowed eyes before walking away with a 'Tch', you smiled after Akaashi took your hand and pulled you a long. take choline at night or morning, water ski hall of fame members,